100% Top Maxims

of Ayshhyah Khazad

  1. Have as goals:
    1. everlasting life.
    2. all significant knowledge, when and if necessary.
    3. sufficient self-control to choose one's own destiny.
    4. to unify North America politically.
  2. Use as principles:
    1. Respect others; respect self.
    2. Be honest, if possible.
    3. Accept, if possible, only work which leads to growth of character.
    4. Sleep is the best medicine.
    5. Those who will not listen; neither should they speak.
    6. Follow 100% the customs of the wider community, except at home or in a proven emergency.
    7. Rest about every seventh day.
    8. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.
    9. It is not wisdom only to be wise.
    10. Intelligence without knowledge is often mistaken.
  3. Concerning scarce resources:
    1. Use nothing without need.
    2. Food is precious - use it carefully.
    3. Do not eat unless hungry.
    4. Waste not, want not.
    5. Eat vegetables for health.
    6. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
    7. Actions speak louder than words.
      1. tanstaafl.
      2. You never really get something for nothing.
    8. No music at night.
  4. Some final truths:
    1. There is no simple test for reality.
    2. Music is stronger than drugs.
    3. Money is like heroin - they are both addicting.
    4. Money is like clean time - if you haven't got any, you better get some.
    5. Don't overdo.
    6. Look both ways before crossing a one-way street.
    7. True love conquers all.
    8. From those to whom much is given, much is expected.
  5. Use as a method:
    1. Be cautious.
    2. Be legal.
    3. Be reasonable.
    4. Be patient.
    5. Be courteous.
    6. Be careful.
  6. Things to avoid:
    1. Alcohol.
    2. Tobacco.
    3. Caffeine. (e.g. hot coffee)
    4. Sugar.
    5. Pop.
    6. Gambling.
    7. Promiscuity.
    8. Do not confuse mythology with reality.
11/21/2004 Compiled by Ayshhyah Eli Khazad. (Last updated 2006.)

Note: This list of maxims is put forth to be helpful, not binding, but a rigorous application will produce the top benefit. -Asha-

I might also put forth this poem:

             The Price You Pay.
     There is a price that one must pay;
     It is not asked of anyone today -
     Yet, although it is not asked, there is no other way...
     There is a price that one must pay.
                                                -- by Asha. 

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